Agent Performance Score

You may notice a number between 1-100 associated with your profile. This is your performance score.

Performance score is based on how well you interact with the platform.

A higher performance score means you are more likely to receive lead offers. Why? Because agents with higher performance scores have demonstrated they are great at accepting leads and providing feedback.

Improving Your Performance Score

Accepting leads in a timely fashion and providing relevant feedback help you maintain a high performance score, which in turn means you will receive more lead opportunities.

How is My Performace Score Negatively Impacted?

If you tend to ignore a lot of leads, you will notice the score will go down. If a lead is not appropriate for you it is better to decline the lead rather than ignore it. In fact, declining leads will actually increase your performance score because it tells your lead provider that the lead may not be appropriate for you. It also means the lead gets offered to another agent that much faster.

Another factor in lower performance scores is failing to provide feedback. If your lead provider ask for your feedback on a particular lead, providing some information will help improve your score.