Manage All My Leads

Manage All My Leads is a function that allows agents to manage the leads they’ve accepted. Agents can also adjust their availability settings here if the Administrator has allowed the option to do so.

Agents can view this page by clicking the small “X” in the top left hand corner of the lead screen, or by clicking the “Manage All My Leads” link in the Lead Assign emails. The agent will be directed to the login page.

The Manage All My Leads screen is a limited version of the Lead Assign Administrator’s view. The agent will be able to view the leads they were offered under the leads tab. To open a lead on this screen, the agent must have accepted the lead. Details will not be provided to agents that have declined the lead or timed out before actioning.

This functions provides the agent a place to view all data on one page to support individual management of leads, response time, and lead pursuit follow up actions.