Auto Draft

### Added
– Super Admin Email preview controller for seeing what accepted, new lead, manual intercepted, and followup email should look like.
– Meta headers to followup,
– Support for refreshing hints on intercepted leads
– Support for plugins adjusting geolocation
– Support for plugins adjusting hints
– Accepted and declined countdowns
– Unsubscribers email to unsubscribe blade
– added a declined reason form for all the companies with 2 default reasons ( bad timing and dont want it) and companies can add their own reasons to the list
– added a migration which adding 2 new columns in the companies table (followup_declined_reasons, followup_declined_reasons_enabled) and one in leadhistories (declined_reasons)
– improvements to logs page
– Mandatory tags – tags that apply to everyone in a company.
– Company settings import/exporter
– Add child companies to lead map
– added plugin support for putting text in 3 different locations within the lead in the plugin.
– added actions to icons lookup into lead history
– soft delete to reach paths
– Browser based unit testing
– Followup declined reason feedback section
– added company name to manually assign lead view on reach
– Tag aliases
– Action to icon lookup table
– Ability to export reach tags, and reimport them
– Dusk env to git ignore
– Dusk Unit testing Tags, Agents, lead creation, catchall
– Link in Super Admin settings screen to get to the followup customizations page
– external id to dashboard stats export

### Changed
– get lead type call to use plugin names as part of the call to prevent accidental use of internal functions
– Allowed special characters in SMS name
– boiler plate – support over ride at page level
– filters for user role and availability
– billable tags, stripe not set up will now redirect to billing page
– spacing of dashboard stats grid system

### Removed
– Call to replace partner profiles wit best agents call from user chooser (old cross server version of reach)

### Fixed
– Profile not self error message validation and alert
– Profile not self error message display
– Deleted profiles/lead histories on getTable were still displaying
– dashboard stats when using reach
– abstract lead permission crash when company slug provided
– abstract tag permission crash when company slug provided
– wrap handle lead in a redis lock to prevent duplicate run to two different agents
– speed of data migrate up on parent child companies to histories
– sidebar double notification issue
– Agents fix double view issues
– Fix to assigning reach tags in child companies when assign to all agents is used at the top level
– tag assigned to agent twice will no longer score twice – Example mandatory tags, vs assign tags
– wording on could not find user for lead
– Lead handler running on deleted leads now stops and bugsnags instead of retrying 12 times
– customer email was not included in lead export
– outlook bug, accept decline links query arguments are backwards
– + sign is now a valid character for email parsing (Gmail aliases use these)