Lead Geolocator

The Lead Geolocator will identify the location of a lead. To do this, the administrator will have to configure the system to find the text associated with the location, similar to the Lead Transformer.

Below is an example of a rule that picks up the zip code of a lead, using this data to determine the location of the lead.

Email Address: *
Label: Zip Code
Find: /Zip Code:(.*)/

This rule will find the zip code within the lead information and use the variable data as the search information. As a result, the location will be defined as the centre of the zip code region.

Geolocation weighting can be used to signify the importance of the physical location to the lead. If the weighting is kept at nil, then the location will not have any impact to the routing. If the location is important to the account’s business needs, then the weighting would act similarly to Exclusive Tags.

Note: if there are many multiple lead sources, Lead Assign can help. There may be support fees to help assist with Lead Geolocator rules.