Lead Hints

Lead Hints provides the ability to display a limited amount of information regarding the lead to the agent prior to officially accepting the lead. For example, this function provides information to the agent such as where the lead was generated, the geographical region of the lead, the type of product the lead is interested in, etc.

This function works similar to Lead Transformer in terms of set up and what it achieves. If the account’s needs require more advanced rules, please contact support@leadassign.com.

For example, if the lead’s zip code is required to be displayed in the hints but is not required as a routing rule (a tag), then there needs to be a rule to detect what is already in the lead. If the lead comes in with the label as “Zip Code: ”, it will have to be formatted to match as follows:
Email Address: *
Find: /Zip Code: (.*)/ 
Display: Zip _%1%_

Another example is if the administrator wants to display the brand of the product the lead is inquiring about, in which case the rule is set up as follows:
Email Address: *
Find: /Honda/
Display: Honda

Lead Hints rules can be challenging to set up initially. If more support is needed, contact the support team. Note: There may be a support fee to get all rules put in place properly.