Billable Tags

Billable tags are used to charge the recipient of a lead for the lead. These are set up fairly similar to tags themselves, as the system will parse for tags and apply billable tags it finds in the lead text. The highest value tag is the one that will be used.

Step 1: Stripe connect

Firstly, to use billable tags, the administrator must have stripe connect set up. If you do not have a stripe connect account, create one at If you have a Stripe account, go to the billing tab and connect your account.

Step 2: Tag creation

Once stripe is connected, the administrator can access the billable tags section. Here, click the “+ ADD A BILLABLE TAG” button. Enter the text being used as the tag, enter the dollar amount assigned to that tag, and click the checkmark.

Step 3: Currency

The administrator can select the currency the payments to be made in. If a specific currency is not listed, please contact The support team will look at options of adding the desired currency and provide the best options available.

Disabling Billable Tags

To disconnect the account holder’s Stripe account and simply use Lead Assign for assigning leads, remove the billable tags and it will stop charging the agents for leads.

To revoke Lead Assign access through the account holder’s Stripe account, go to the Stripe support page regarding Disconnecting Stripe Account from a Connected Third Party Platform. This will ensure that the API keys are not used for anything else.


The fees for using stripe connect are:
C$2 per active account per month
0.25% of payout volume
C$0.25 per payout

The fees for using stripe are:
C$0.30 per successful card charge
0.6% for international cards

This may vary depending on the country of the account. If currency conversion is required, an additional 2% fee will apply. Lead Assign charges a 6% fee.

In summary, the total charge comes to approximately 9.15% of the value of the lead plus a 30 cent fee + 25 cents per payout with additional fees for international cards and currency exchanges.

For example, if a lead is worth $10, the cost comes to an approximate total of $1.

When the Lead Assign platform is set up and linked with a Stripe account, individuals receiving the leads have the ability to accept the lead and pay on the spot by inserting their credit card information. After they do so once, it will be saved so that they won’t need to input the data again next time they are offered a lead.