The dashboard provides in-depth analytics on how the business and sales team are responding to leads. (Note: The analytics dashboard is not available on the Basic plan.)

Dashboard Features:

  • Overview of how your business is performing within any given timeframe, including:
    • Lead volume
    • Acceptance rates
    • Delinquency
    • Response times
  • Agent performance overview, including:
    • Lead acceptance vs. timed-out leads
    • Average response times
  • Expandable agent row with detailed performance data, including:
    • Leads offered vs. accepted, declined, or timed-out
    • Customer contact status, including deals in progress, closed deals, and unsuccessful deals
    • Average number of comments per lead

This feature will allow you to determine return on investments and identify which agents are performing optimally. There is an exportable version that is accessible by clicking the download button in the top right corner. This provides more detailed information within a CSV file.