Lead Preview Row

Leads are listed in row format, which gives the administrator a quick snapshot of the recently incoming leads.

  • The first column shows the duration of time (in minutes) that occurs between when a lead enters the Lead Assign platform and when it was accepted by an agent.
  • The second column shows the time and date the lead entered the Lead Assign platform.
  • The third column will show icons depending on the current status of the lead. For example, if the lead is being offered to agents, then a person icon(s) will show. Once the lead has been accepted, the name of the agent who accepted will appear. If automated response configuration is set, this column will also show the contact and conversion status.
  • The fourth column shows the acceptance status.
  • The fifth column shows the customer details, such as name and email.
  • The sixth column will show tags associated with the lead.

Clicking on a lead row will open a sidebar that provides detail on the lead and its progress.