Operating Hours

This feature is designed to help administrators manage when leads will be made available to agents. This function will pause all incoming leads when outside of operating hours, sending them out one at a time when operational hours commence. They will be staggered to be sent out every 5-60 seconds to ensure the system doesn’t overload agents receiving multiple leads instantly.

Step 1: Set your timezone

An administrator will not be able to enable Operating Hours until a geographical location is selected, letting Lead Assign know what timezone the company is operating in. Some areas are defined by country (if the entire country is in the same timezone); otherwise look through the list for the nearest large city.

Step 2: Set regular schedule

Once the timezone is set up correctly, the administrator can select a day-by-day operating time, moving the slider to begin at the open time and end at closing. If the administrator wants to define the whole day as within operating hours, click the “Open” radial for that day. Likewise, if the business is closed on weekends and so agents should not be receiving leads on Saturdays and Sundays, click on the “Closed” radial for those days.

Step 3: Set specific dates

The administrator can also set a specific date that overrides the generally scheduled operating hours. This setting operates the exact same way as the general operating hours, but only applies to the specific date that is selected and does not repeat the next year. This function is used for holidays and vacations/absences.

Manually Overriding

An administrator can view leads that are currently being held back and override Operating Hours manually if required. Click on the lead in the lead screen and hit “Override” under lead details.