Reach Tags

Using tags is the most crucial element to getting leads into the hands of agents. Reach tags are no different in principle than standard tags; however, they are fairly different to setup.

When applying tags to agents in a Reach model, it is important to note that the lead is still owned by the parent company and will follow all of the routing rules under the parent company.

A tag will have to be added to a child company as well as the child company’s agents in order for those agents to receive leads with that specific tag.

Tags attached to leads from the parent company can only be assigned and cannot be edited from the child company’s account, i.e. the weighting, exclusivity, or required status of the tags cannot be changed.

In a child company’s account, there will be additional tags, which should include tags within any parent companies. If a tag is applicable to all agents, clean on the tag and select “Apply to all users.”


Lead Assign - Tags

To apply different tags to different salespeople, go to the Users screen and select a user. There will be an additional tag area that corresponds to the parent companies. Add the appropriate tag to the salesperson.




Lead Assign - Tags

Note: For hierarchies with several levels, each child company needs to ensure they have the correct tags based on their parent companies to ensure the Reach setup is followed on every level.