Setting your lead timeout

Rather than traditional lead routing systems, Lead Assign offers leads to users exclusively for a period of time that you determine.

The default timeout is 5 minutes (for good reason). 

To change this setting, go to “General”. Here, you will find “Lead Expiry Time” and you can set this option to any duration, from 2 minutes to 2 weeks. For best results, we recommend you keep this between 3 minutes and 15 minutes. 

To ensure leads are acted upon, salespeople are given a preview of the lead details and asked to accept the lead if they are interested. If the salesperson misses their opportunity to accept, the lead is passed on to the next best-suited salesperson.

If a salesperson misses their original opportunity, they can still elect to have a second chance. If the lead times-out on the current salesperson, then they will be back in the pool to receive the lead. 

For example, if a lead comes in late at night and all salespeople miss their exclusive opportunity, then the first one to respond will get the lead.

Pro, Ultimate, and Enterprise plans offer the ability to send the salespeople automated feedback requests. This setting is found under “Automated Follow Up”. Usually you would want the first request sent out one day after acceptance to see how the initial call went, then another follow up likely a week later to see what has developed, and a final request about 21 to 30 days later to get closure on the lead and a status update.