Custom Tags

Custom Tags are used for situations where a free form tags aren’t appropriate. The following type of tags help to fill in these gaps.

Range Tags

For instances where a tag should cover a range a data, such as monetary value or zip codes, then a Range Tag should be utilized. To set up a range tag, go to “Tags” and start the process as you would to set up a free form tag. The data should be inputted as per the two examples shown below: 

  • For a price range of $200,000 to $500,000, enter the tag as: Range: $200000-$500000 
    • $, €, £, ¥ currency symbols are supported.
  • For a zip code range of 90200 to 90299, enter the tag as: Zip: 90200-90299

Pecking Order Tags

The Lead Assign platform offers the capability to adjust agents’ pecking order by adding a “PK” tag. This way, the administrator can configure leads to flow to agents by pecking order, before by keyword.

How to set pecking order

To set a pecking order, add the tag PK_#, where “#” is a number associated with each agent. It is suggest to add PK tag numbers in increments of 100. Administrators can use negative numbers to down rank agents.

For example:

  • John: PK_100
  • Bob: PK_200
  • Phil: PK_300

When a lead comes in, it will be directed to Phil. If Phil declines or times out, the lead will the be offered to Bob, and then John.

Administrators can use PK tags in addition to free form tags. If two or more agents have the same PK score, the lead will flow through a standard pecking order, thus using keywords.

If there is a scenario that is not covered here, please contact us.