To add users, select “Add agent” at the top of the page and fill in all fields. When complete, press “Update” to save or “Cancel” to revert.

  • Name: User’s full name
  • Email address: The email address where the user would like to receive leads
  • Role:
    • User – agents, such as salespeople, real estate agents, distributors, retailers, financial planners, etc.
    • Editor – similar to Admin, but has limited access to the application, and for example, cannot view billing
    • Admin – administrator, such as a manager with full access to the platform, including the dashboards, lists of leads and users, and all general/advanced settings
  • Phone: This should be connected to a mobile phone number capable of receiving text messages and using an internet browser.


The catchall checkbox should be assigned to the manager(s). Agents with the catchall property will receive leads as normal, but will also receive leads which are rejected or timed-out by all applicable agents. Agents with this property checked should be responsible for handling ‘catchall’ leads themselves or distributing the lead to an appropriate agent.

There can be between one and five catchall managers. In most cases, only one person should be the catchall so as to avoid multiple people following up on the same leads that have not been accepted via the regular Lead Assign distribution system. Generally, the individual on the account with administer status will be assigned as the catchall.


This determines if the salesperson would like to receive leads via SMS. This can be used in conjunction with email.


This determines if the salesperson would like to receive leads via email. It is recommended that email is always checked as a fallback if an agent’s SMS fails to work properly.


Available defines if a user is available to receive leads. If a user is away for an extended period of time, the box should be unchecked. When this happens, the user will not be sent any leads.

Forward Accepted

In addition to emailing the user when a lead is accepted, you can also email it to additional addresses (e.g. CRM systems). Add the email addresses here, separated by commas.


Select tags that were entered via the Tags screen here. Simply start typing to filter the list of available tags and select from the dropdown.

If Geolocation is set up, ensure that it is properly saved before exiting the page.

Test SMS

A user will be sent a test lead via SMS and email. The test leads are for demo purposes only, and do not auto-accept or actually timeout. E.g. if the agent re-clicks the link after timing out, it will still appear to work for them. This should only be done to confirm agents contact details are correct.