### Added
– Added copy paste support on user tags
– Added Parent/child company fields for tags.
– Added support for reach into other companies and pulling out agents
– Added support for exporting reached leads
– Added support for viewing reached leads in child companies
– Added support for reach leads in the marketing lead exporter
– Added support for assigning tags from parent companies to agents
– Added support for viewing all parent company tags on tag screen, and use of apply to all/assign to multiple leads
– Added support for viewing agents in child companies in dashboard stats – for parent company leads, and in between company leads
– New reach settings page for child companies to allow parent companies to access their roster for routing
– Added Tags apply to all agents (mandatory tag settings)
– Added support for apply to all agents fall through on child companies
– Added Required Tags (Every required tag on the lead must match the same agent to be offered to that agent, extension of exculsive tags)
– Added Required Tags to agents CSV import and export
– New child company profiles now initialize themselves and their reach settings
– Added lead hop plugin – unused
– Added lead hop blade – unused
– child company id into profiles table for easier tracking of parent company to child company
– Reach Path table for tracking permissions of leads in child companies and inbetween companies
– Comment if admin presses call/sms/email on a lead
– ajaxFunctions.js to better segment out files by their purposes for tags javascript
– sidebarhelpers.js to better segment out files by their purposes for tags javascript
– Test mode banner when force email/sms is enabled
– support for manually reassigning a lead into a child company
– Force notify admin on unsubscribe
– Next steps into followup email
– API Lead csv export support
– Ability for super admin to force send an email to an agent (new lead, accepted, followup) No Ui for this – must know a lead history key and the url. Used for testing purposes
– Additional Day Hour minute time from seconds call for new lead.blade time to acceptance
– New email icons for email templates
– Outlook support to email templates
– 3 second skippable timer on accept or decline pressed to allow agents to cancel on a miss click.
– admin unsubscribe notifications
– added a new lead flow page for each lead. To goto that page click on the link “view lead flow” in lead detail sidebar
– for new lead flow feature it adds a new entry in db for all the possible routes for each lead history to reach from your company to the agent company
– added a new column name child_company_id in reach_path table to save the paths and parent child relation

### Changed
– tags sidebar weight field now lines up better with the existing UI
– tags grid has additional columns for exclusive and weight for at a glance viewing
– ID from slug call to try to get an exact slug first as this should be faster
– Users grid UI – child companies our now marked with a company role instead of a user role
– Users grid UI – Auto Accept (A) or reach (R) are now flagged on users in the grid
– Adjustments to leads page side bar to show/hide particular information on child company leads
– Increase timeout on check new lead from 20 seconds to one minute
– Accepted Email template
– New email template
– Followup email template
– Unsubscribe email template
– Catchall email template
– Comment notification email templates (both admin and user)
– General email layout changes
– unsubscribe (why am I receiving this)) now appears on all new email blades
– made manage all my leads far more prominent### Changed to [RLP]
– init child company profile in parent company on importer
– made manage all my leads far more prominent

## Removed
– Phased out id on reload comments call
– Removed old unused blade files
– Auto complete on comments
– Coalesce Auto-accepted email blade
– Super admin ability to comment on leads outside of their company

### Fixed
– Requeue on reached leads
– Meta headers only available after lead acceptance