Communicating With Administrators

Based on business needs, the Lead Assign Administrator at the company may require information from the agents. In this case, the Administrator will do so via email sent to the agents. They can click on the “Reply” button within the email, and this will direct them to the “Admin Comment” tab. The Administrator will be notified when a message is added.

Information, i.e. notes based on interacting with a lead, can also be added into the Comments section of the lead. This content will be shared with the administrator.

Lead Information

The Lead Info is fixed, so that business intelligence reporting can be exported and provide insights to where the lead was generated, which can support business marketing strategy.

The system can be integrated into a CRM system like Salesforce. Contact information from Lead Assign can prepopulate data into the CRM, and then be adjusted the CRM system.¬†Or agents can download the contact card from the icon, and the lead contact data can be updated within agents’ personal devices.