Adding Agents

This section covers adding and modifying agents, including users, editors, and administrators. (Please see the Users page for definitions of each.)

Agents do not need to login to receive leads and interact with the Lead Assign platform.

It is recommended that agents do not share the same email address. Also, it is recommended that there is only one cell phone number assigned to each agent, and not more than one cell phone number per agent.

Reviewing the user list

  1. Click on “Users” from the side navigation.
  2. The detailed list of all salespeople will populate the screen.
  3. To modify a user’s details, click on the row and replace the data.
  4. To add a user, click the big red ‘+’ button in the bottom right of the screen.
  5. To view a detailed list of leads that a user accepted, clink on the user’s email address.

Fields in the user detail sidebar

  1. Name, email, and mobile number are to be up to date and accurate. To update this information, click on the user, then update the relevant fields.
  2. Catchall: The catchall checkbox should be assigned to the manager(s). People with the catchall property will receive leads that are rejected or timed out by all applicable agents. Users with this capability will be responsible for handling catchall leads themselves or distributing the lead to an appropriate agent. There can be between one and five catchall managers.
  3. SMS: This determines if the salesperson would like to receive leads via SMS. This can be used in conjunction with email.
  4. Email: This determines if the salesperson would like to receive leads via email.
  5. Available: Available defines if a user is available to receive leads. If a user is away for an extended period of time, the box should be unchecked. When this happens, the user will not be sent any leads.
  6. Forward Accepted: In addition to emailing the user when a lead is accepted, you can also email it to additional addresses (e.g. CRM systems). Add the email addresses here, separated by commas.
  7. Tags: Select tags that were entered via the Tags screen here. Simply start typing to filter the list of available tags.
  8. Test: A user will be sent a test lead via SMS and Email. The test leads are for demo purposes only, and do not actually timeout.