Tag Types

There are three types of tags used within Lead Assign: Preferential, Exclusive, and Required.

Preferential Tags are seen in the example on the previous page regarding “Commercial” and “Residential” tags. These tags are basic and are assigned to agents based on the incoming lead data and the agents’ specialization. Agents that match with more tags within the lead data are more likely to be offered the lead before agents with less matching tags. If the lead is declined or timed-out, it will then be sent to the next highest scoring agent.

Exclusive Tags are used to define a specific and direct workflow. Agents must match with at least one Exclusive Tag to be eligible for the lead. For example, if an agent matches on multiple Preferential Tags, but fails to match with any of the Exclusive Tags, the agent will be viewed as ineligible to receive the lead.

Required Tags are used to restrict an incoming lead to only those agents that match ALL Required Tags. It is recommended to limit the number of Required Tags in the routing model to avoid cases where leads are not eligible to be received by any agents.

Note: Think of Exclusive Tags as “OR” functions and Required Tags as “AND” functions.

  • If a lead comes in with multiple Exclusive Tags, the system identifies agents who match with “Exclusive Tag 1” OR “Exclusive Tag 2”.
  • If a lead comes in with multiple Required Tags, then the system identifies agents who match with “Required Tag 1” AND “Required Tag 2.”